Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too much going on!

It's a month since I posted my last entry and i feel the same vibrations of emotion throughout my body when I think about this conflict. This represent the fadt there has been so much going on here in Sri Lanka in the last month. Where does one begin to even describe?

I guess backwards is the way to go.

Firstly tomorrow is independance day and a public holiday.

There are 250,000 internally dispaced persons from the Wanni (LTTE controlled areas) who are being housed by the Sri Lankan Army in a safe zone. The LTTE is still preventing the excape of Tamil civilians from the areas that they still control using them as human shields.

On Saturday 3000 Tamil people took to the streets urging the LTTE to release Tamil Civilians.

I was heartened to see the following response in the comments

Its a healing time for the Jaffna tamils to come out and protest against the LTTE. I am sure every family in Jaffna would have lost a young man/woman to LTTE. There was a time before LTTE was born, Jaffna town was always filled with Singala tourists buses as Singalese from the South used to visit Jaffna. I sincerly hope that trend will restart again. Its one thing wiping out LTTE, but its very important to rebuild a positve relationship between tamils and singalese.Tamils in general are very innocent and open harted people until Prabakeran emerged and wiped out the culture of Tamils. Tamils have love and compassion. On the other hand Singalese people are also very sincere and great for party and entertainments. I HOPE THE TWO SIDES REALISE THEIR POSITIVE QUALITIES AND ENHANCE EACH OTHERS MORALS TO BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER IN FUTURE. They have to or else the doom and gloom in that beautiful Island will only remain as a violent society even if Prabakharan's is gone. Just look at Trinco and Batticalo. There is still a lot of violence there. All i can say to the readers is, forget the past and pray for true peace in future in a way we can all shake hands or hug each other without any barriers. Only every individual can achive that without depending on any leaders to guide us. We as individuals have that love within us.

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