Friday, March 6, 2009

Excerpt of Mahida Rajapakse Independance day speech - 4th February 2009

"Similarly, let us extend the cooperation of the entire nation to the people of the north and the east who suffered under the grip of separatist terror for many years, to once again step towards satisfaction and freedom in life.

Let us come forward both in word and deed to bestow upon them the kindness, friendship and prosperity they deserve.

This 61st anniversary of independence has given us the opportunity to realize the pride and dignity of our freedom. The time is now ready for the battle to raise Sri Lanka to the dignity of a country that is energetic, powerful, virtuous and wise. Let us as patriotic Sri Lankans achieve success in that battle too, without delay. Let us dedicate ourselves to bequeath this true freedom to our country.


I respect the maxim that the motherland and ones own mother are comparable to paradise. At a time when our motherland is united under a single banner, I invite all parties to come together irrespective of ethnicity, community and party differences, giving the opportunity to all to do their duty by the motherland. What greater satisfaction can Mother Lanka have than all of us being the children of a single mother? I, therefore, appeal to you to join us to bring that great satisfaction to our motherland.

Let us look at all the children of our motherland - Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and of all other communities, spread throughout our land, and living with no divisive thoughts among them. They look upon us with great expectations. They question us and hold us to task. They seek their future from us. They are the future of this land. May you have the strength and courage to take our country in a new direction on their behalf.

May you all receive the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem."

I think the key elements in the conclusion of Mahinda's speech shown above are that he is describing in no uncertain terms that all communities are the future of the land, and that we must make an extra special effort to help rehabilitate the north and the east.

I guess the president can put the idea about this out there, but it is up to "us", the community, to empower these words of peace and unity.

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