Friday, March 6, 2009

War of Minds

Saturday 7-2-09

Hard to do AChE when you know what is going on up north. What discussions are currently happening on the Internet – ie hatred being dispersed from the minds of those who have been are being hurt by the conflict, and unable to process things to lead to peaceful states of mine (not an easy task by any means). 7-2-09

War of Minds

Not just for you but those around you
Because this feeling makes others react without blinking
Instead of looking deep inside our hearts and thinking
The feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood we should be linking

So to fight this war is what we all should do
And in the process we need rustle up a good “crew”
Of those who understand and care
And those with ideas they want to share.

This team needs to let our humanities enlight
And gleam in light of intelligence and what is right
Of the things that go unseen every day
The simple acts of caring that cross boundaries in every way

And what I feel is that Sri Lanka is a beautiful place
That runs at a beautiful pace that gives one space
There are smiles all around, and people who do not frown
Natural beauty clothes the country up and down

There is diversity in culture, religion, race and language
Most people just want to do their daily chores and live
The want enough money for an education to give
To their children and loved ones alike

War is not in the minds of these people
They are caring souls with caring stories to be told,
War is the minds of the extreme, who have embraced their own and other’s hatred
They are trying to even a score like some kind of game

This is a shame
If we only can see this Ludicrisity
It is not about who should cease the hatred first, who should begin
It about those who have the wisdom to just make a start and together we sing

The more down this path we go the better it will be
When one person starts with love there will be much more for us all to see
So to us all I please “Stop the anger”, stop the violence
And only then will we feel the silence

In our hearts and our minds, in even our souls
This is surely peace we want all want to hold
Once we let go of “hatred” the end of violence will follow
If we hang on to it, it can only make us hollow

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