Monday, March 16, 2009

Images from "Sri Lanka and its long war"

This link is a worthwhile link to images of the conflict that a friend sent me today.

The comment I left on this blog was:-

Thank you for presenting these photos. They avoid being too political but show the harsh reality of this conflict. There terrible methods of the LTTE (depicted in 21 which many have commented on), as well as the sad, sad consequences of war for the civilians, shown in photos of the civilians who have escaped the LTTE. It also shows how brutal war is - the picture with the tank destroying what is in front of it. Does the end justify the means? This conflict is so difficult to pass judgment on - however the pictures bring to light the common humanity we have - it doesn't matter if you are tamil, sinhalese, muslim or other - we are are all human beigns - if we concentrate on this then it will will bring real peace - my prayer

Posted by Bishan Rajapakse March 15, 09 03:18 PM

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