Friday, March 6, 2009

Helicopters in the sky

The next is a Poem written whilst listening to helicopters bring back casualties of war to Anuradhapura hospital.

Helicopters in the sky

Helicopters in the sky - why do you haunt me so?
I know what you’re carrying and I want your sound just to go
I’m not talking about the people but the concepts behind your load
For, to me, you represent violence in “code”

I feel for your passengers, casualties of war
Maimed human being with wounds is what I saw
There are so many who believe things are worth fighting for
But would you believe the same if it were “your” child at that door

At the door of the hospital, or perhaps the jungle camp
These groups are brothers in disguise, only we don’t realise
They’ve been put on opposite sides by extremists for wars that cannot truly be won
From a different generations for mistakes that can be undone

Or can they be undone, can hearts be won?
Of course they can if we have a plan
Only a plan bathed in compassion and forgiveness will work
Not in deceit and revenge, these are attitudes we must shirk

You see we have the eutopia in our midst
The first step is to believe what is hidden
The caring of the human spirit for one another
We have to fight it in or to hate someone’s brother,.. or mother

So please I beg of you to let your anger cease
Only then there will be peace, at least
In one more persons mind, and the others minds too will shine
….It will be “Divine”

This is not a dream but a scream
A scream to wake up in the land of forgiveness and prosperity
There’s plenty of room for you and for me,
Can’t you seen?

I am not mad
It is you that is “sad”, and this is understandable
But it is time to let go of this hatred my dear friend
Or this war of minds will never end

Once you let go your true sentiments will show
The bad feelings will go
And most importantly the love for one another will flow
Don’t think twice, just let go.

This doesn’t mean forget those who have suffered
Fought hard and lost life what they believed
Been humiliated or threatened, or being thieved
But this is to make an effort to move on

Only then we can sing the same song
It won’t be wrong if we all feel we belong
And this whole conflict is about belonging indeed
This is why we have to “now” plant the seed

Of a beautiful existence we can all enjoy
If only with peace we do not toy
I ask you earnestly to be my friend
On this wish I will not bend

So take your time and think deep what I have said
And remember that many more will have read
These words, ideas and concepts
So let go my friend let go.

As the helicopters pass on by, the sound will subside
There is a twinkle in my eye, and a positive vibe
Because beyond the current dismay and strife that seems not to cease
I know the work of our collective minds will bring true and lasting “Peace”

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